Down House | Downe, UK


English Heritage membership card in hand, we piled into a DriveNow mini one plan free Saturday a few weeks back and headed Downe-wards for a visit to Charles Darwin's house. 

I have to admit I went for the garden and THAT blue conservatory but found the house and self guided tour quite informative. For example, I had no idea that Charles' grandfather was Josiah Wedgewood. And the fact that Josiah was also his wife's grandfather is a juicy little fun fact I now know as well. 

But the garden! It was a little slice of bumble bee filled heaven and that greenhouse is filled o the brim with really cool plants including carnivorous funnel plants and air plants. They also grow really beautiful produce that they sell in their store for next to nothing. We picked up a couple giant stalks of rhubarb on the way out and I've never been more smug about a crumble in my life. 

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