Marseille, France


After being dished a dismal amount of sunshine here in London last summer, we decided on a more proactive approach this year: Italy in spring to warm up (or thaw out) and a summer escape to Southern France to conicide with my thirtieth birthday. 

Taking advantage of the fact that the Eurostar would deliver us right into Marseille, we decided to add a couple of nights there to our itinerary. Admittedly our first impressions weren't that shiny but upon reflection we're glad to have spent the time there, not only for the balanced perspective it gave us of the South of France but also for the scattered gems it turned out to be a trove for.

The area we stayed in was neither pretty nor touristy from street level but the view from our apartment was outrageous. When not gasping at sunrises and sunsets from said apartment, we walked a tonne exploring the Corniche du President Kennedy and the fishing villages it led us to, the grounds around Mucem, Vieux Port's markets and harbour, the colourful graffiti covering each inch of Le Cours Julien and Le Corbuisier's artful housing unit