Whitstable, UK


Some of the first advice we were given after moving here, was to take advantage of a sunny day because it almost certainly won't last. And as I'm sitting here, typing this to the soundtrack of the rain outside my window, I'm feeling a little bit smug about our sunny day in Whitstable only two days ago. 

We caught the train on Sunday morning, armed with a coffee each plus a selected Prêt breakfast offering and book (or iPad in Will's case), and got into Whitstable by mid morning, leaving us just enough time to do some low tide sea front exploring and shell collecting before a generous helping of fish and chips at a brewery on the beach. Our energy regained, we criss crossed about the sweet little town, taking in the many oyster sellers and ducking sea gulls after our Mr Whippy cones and finally collapsed in a park overlooking the sea and beach huts for a power nap before dragging ourselves back to the station and real life. 

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