Paris, France


Paris, unlike it's reputation would have you believe, is not a city you fall in love with at first sight. It took us two trips there to come around and see that Paris truly is magical and inspiring and gosh darn beautiful. 

This time we stayed for 5 days which allowed us to get into a relaxed routine of coffee and croissants in bed, followed by explorations around town fueled by pastries until early evening, before returning home for dinner in the form of some variation of cheese, salad and bread (baked camembert, bruschetta, mozzarella toasties were all on the menu). 

Favourites included the panoramic view of Paris from the Sacré Cœur and again from the roof of the Printemps department store, the salted caramel eclair from L'éclair de Génie, exploring the greenhouses at Jardin des Serres D'Auteuil, burgers from Blend, Monet's massive waterlily murals at Musée de l'Orangerie, and coffee from KB Cafeshop and Honor (both turned out to be Australian!).