New York, USA


I got to experience New York in a combination of work and play with the bonus of staying in an actual neighbourhood (Boerum Hill in Brooklyn) which I think makes all the difference when travelling. Manhattan is such a crazy place, with the highest buildings I've ever seen and the thought of Times Square still makes my heart beat faster so it was nice to have a little home away from it all and to get a better sense of local life. Little things like getting our bagels and coffee from a neighbourhood bakery every morning and walking a tonne also helped a lot in that respect. 

Making this list, I'm actually surprised at how much we managed to squeeze in as our exploring time was pretty limited. These were my favourite things: The Staten Island ferry at sunset then back in the dark of night, the view of the city (including the Empire State building) from the Rockefeller Center, Greenwich village and the West village, walking above the city on the High Line, Chelsea market, walking across the Brooklyn bridge, dinner at Hecho en Dumbo, ice cream from Ample Hills, Van Leeuwen and Oddfellows (in order of preference but in close competition), Dough doughnuts, Blue Bottle flat whites.  

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